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Saturday, 21 February 2015

LATEST Healthy Living Lifestyle BLOG! Correspondence to assist recovery.

Aloha Everyone,

LATEST Healthy Living Lifestyle BLOG! Correspondence to assist recovery.

Wednesday 11th Feb 2015
QUESTION:  Hi Lorraine it's Kelly here in Bermagui, Phoebe my 8 year old has I think it's tonsillitis(ears are fine) I took her to the doctor and the doctor said that there's nothing that can be done, I'm getting quite worried, wondering if there is a formula that she can take it's gonna help, she is very sore and having trouble breathing through her nose because When she breaths through her mouth she starts coughing. When the Panadol wears off she's in a very bad way and I had a girlfriend next got the same thing and has been in bed for four days, I do have some antibiotics I wonder if I should start giving them cheers kelly

ANSWER:  Hi Kelly,
Yes give her the antibiotics. The program will help the antibiotic to work better and replace the good bacteria the antibiotic destroys. Make sure she is doing the castor oil pack on lower abdomen. Have her gargle warm water and 1/2 tsp of sea salt.
Give her the following program
1 1/4 tsp
2 1/8 tsp
3 1/4 tsp
5a 1/2 tsp
8 1/2 tsp
9 1/4 tsp
11 1/8 tsp
12 1/8 tsp
14 1/4 tsp
17s 1/4 tsp
Arg 1/4 tsp
Ala 1/4 tsp
GLU 1/4 tsp
Charcoal 1

If you don't have all of these then mix up what you have. The WW9 will help with the pain and the circulation up in the sinus to help her breath. If she has trouble breathing put a ice pack on the back of the neck or have her lay down put a heating pad on the front of the belly and run ice cubes up and down her spine. This helps to get the blood circulation into the spine to activate the parasympathetic nerves to relax the lungs. It is important she doesn't get chilled. This is the reason a hot water bottle or wheat bag is on the front. Call me if you need help. Toll free is 1800 834410  FROM LORRAINE

Thursday 12th Feb 2015
QUESTION:  How is she today? FROM LORRAINE

ANSWER:  There Is definitely an improvement, the ice cubes on the back with the heat pad did wonders!! She sitting up at the moment she just keeps coughing which is very sore for her. she hasn't eaten much yesterday so gonna trying get food into her today. Thank you for all your help! FROM KELLY

ANSWER:  Soup's, mashed food best right now. See if you can get a ivy leaf cough syrup to help with the cough and sore throat. If I can find the brand name I will txt it to you. FROM LORRAINE
Friday 13th Feb 2015 
ANSWER:  Morning Phoebe  has definitely come out the other side of her illness and is getting back to her fun loving self, thanks for your help speak you soon 🌺  FROM KELLY

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