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Monday, 3 September 2018

Piano within our body

Piano within our body.

The lungs, ribs and the diaphragm. The ribs are the piano in our body and the key’s can go out of tune. The excess heat and water can create steam - air. The ribs can go out of tune because of the excess air. We need to do our best to control our emotion. Excess air can cause inflammation in the brain lungs and diaphragm. The emotion is creating heat and tears are the body working to cool us down. Focus on the breath moving pass the diaphragm into the belly and pelvis.  The diaphragm balances the breath above to the breath below. Lungs are conveyor of oxygen, colon is reservoir and kidneys are the filter of the blood.  Excess emotion can create to much elimination and we need to work to bring our emotion into balance to switch on the parasympathetic nerves to relax. The adrenals are releasing so much more cortisol in the 21st century we live in from chemical's, wifi, pollution and how everything is instant with the Internet. If we are overly emotional it stimulates estradiol and this can increase cortisol stress hormone.  It is understandable in the world today with different stresses we can get emotional.  If we focus on breathing pass the diaphragm this helps the parasympathetic nerves to switch on for healing.  
Heat, fire excess cortisol 
Water is emotion
= Steam excess air that can cause inflammation. Diaphragm our
 tuning fork.  We have gills like fish in the womb as the fetus.  The last few weeks of pregnancy out of the gills come our lungs.  

We are playing the piano everyday with our phone, computer's and devices.  Listening to our internal piano for a few minutes of the day breath pass the diaphragm into the belly and pelvis  to tune your piano.  Diaphragm our tuning fork.

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