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Saturday, 21 February 2015

LATEST Healthy Living Lifestyle BLOG! Correspondence to assist recovery.

Aloha Everyone,

LATEST Healthy Living Lifestyle BLOG! Correspondence to assist recovery.

Wednesday 11th Feb 2015
QUESTION:  Hi Lorraine it's Kelly here in Bermagui, Phoebe my 8 year old has I think it's tonsillitis(ears are fine) I took her to the doctor and the doctor said that there's nothing that can be done, I'm getting quite worried, wondering if there is a formula that she can take it's gonna help, she is very sore and having trouble breathing through her nose because When she breaths through her mouth she starts coughing. When the Panadol wears off she's in a very bad way and I had a girlfriend next got the same thing and has been in bed for four days, I do have some antibiotics I wonder if I should start giving them cheers kelly

ANSWER:  Hi Kelly,
Yes give her the antibiotics. The program will help the antibiotic to work better and replace the good bacteria the antibiotic destroys. Make sure she is doing the castor oil pack on lower abdomen. Have her gargle warm water and 1/2 tsp of sea salt.
Give her the following program
1 1/4 tsp
2 1/8 tsp
3 1/4 tsp
5a 1/2 tsp
8 1/2 tsp
9 1/4 tsp
11 1/8 tsp
12 1/8 tsp
14 1/4 tsp
17s 1/4 tsp
Arg 1/4 tsp
Ala 1/4 tsp
GLU 1/4 tsp
Charcoal 1

If you don't have all of these then mix up what you have. The WW9 will help with the pain and the circulation up in the sinus to help her breath. If she has trouble breathing put a ice pack on the back of the neck or have her lay down put a heating pad on the front of the belly and run ice cubes up and down her spine. This helps to get the blood circulation into the spine to activate the parasympathetic nerves to relax the lungs. It is important she doesn't get chilled. This is the reason a hot water bottle or wheat bag is on the front. Call me if you need help. Toll free is 1800 834410  FROM LORRAINE

Thursday 12th Feb 2015
QUESTION:  How is she today? FROM LORRAINE

ANSWER:  There Is definitely an improvement, the ice cubes on the back with the heat pad did wonders!! She sitting up at the moment she just keeps coughing which is very sore for her. she hasn't eaten much yesterday so gonna trying get food into her today. Thank you for all your help! FROM KELLY

ANSWER:  Soup's, mashed food best right now. See if you can get a ivy leaf cough syrup to help with the cough and sore throat. If I can find the brand name I will txt it to you. FROM LORRAINE
Friday 13th Feb 2015 
ANSWER:  Morning Phoebe  has definitely come out the other side of her illness and is getting back to her fun loving self, thanks for your help speak you soon 🌺  FROM KELLY

Thank you for reading.  If you don't want the LATEST HEALTHY LIVING LIFESTYLE BLOG, to be emailed please let us know.  

Mahalo Healthy Living Lifestyle Team
Kindest Regards

Monday, 1 September 2014

25 microgram of mercury is it safe for anyone under 550 pounds?

25 microgram of mercury is it safe for anyone under 550 pounds?
The image shows where mercury poisoning can effect the body
Aloha everyone!
Education tip of the day. 
EPA in America (environmental, protections agency) had stated that 25 microgram of mercury in a person who weigh's 550 pounds, the body can safely remove the toxicity levels of mercury out of the liver and brain. Anyone who weighs under 550 pounds then mercury is highly toxic to the brain and liver.
One flu shot has 25 micrograms of mercury in the vaccine to preserve the inoculation.
Mahalo Healthy Living Lifestyle Team

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fever Cure and Saturation

Fever Cure and Saturation
Plants live off carbon dioxide, we need oxygen.   An antibiotic is made from a immune system of a plant. Adding certain herbs with your amino acids can boost your immune system and work like a natural antibiotic.  The spleen, functionally in our body is our natural antibiotic.
1.     Boost your amino acids.  They help boost your immune system and activate all glands tonsils, adenoids, thymus, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, appendix, peyers patches, appendix, spleen and your bone marrow.
2.    Echinacea can act like a natural antibiotic.  This helps the spleen.
3.    Golden seal herb either one will work like a natural antibiotic.  Helps spleen, tonsil and adenoids.
4.     Increase Vitamin C.   BIOA17 and BIOS17 are our vitamin C formulas.  Avoid calcium ascorbate or ester c. Buy if they have melrose ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate. Avoid slow release vitamin C. Take vitamin C every 2 - 3 hours to saturation. Saturation is reaching bowel tolerance, then ease off. You take it every 2 hours until you get a loose bowel and gassy. Vitamin C can produces hydrogen peroxide in liver. This oxygenates to produce more bail to flush out. This helps the tonsil, adenoids, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels and bone marrow
5.     Heat pad with castor oil pack on lower abdomen.  This helps the peyers patches and thymus to boost immunity.
6.     Epsom salt bath 3-4 cups of Epsom. 1 cup bicarb soda. Ice pack on head or neck. Cool down after a 20 minute soak then shower off.  Epsom salt bath is inducing a fever. A virus cannot survive in a temp of 39-40 degrees celsius. You sweat in or after the bath you are helping the lymph to drain to remove bacteria and infection.   Helps Lymph nodes, appendix, tonsils,  lymphatic vessels, spleen and thymus.
7.     Activated charcoal helps to absorb influenza, candida, fungus, mould, bacteria and chemical.  Helps the appendix and spleen.
8.     Olive leaf is a herb useful to fight a virus.
9.     Calendula herb.  Helps with bacteria and inflammation..  You can make as a tea or put into a bath tub with bicarb soda.
10.    Gargle warm water and salt.  Helps with tonsils and adenoids and thyroid.

Fever cure and saturation are important for the body to go through a virus, bacteria, infection, fungus, mould or chemical and turn it into a healing crisis. 

Mahalo Healthy Living Lifestyle Team

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pain is not negative

Aloha to each of you!

Pain is not negative. It is the opposite to pleasure. It either has us turn inward or to seek to find balance.  In nature, physical pain is a signal to slow down, pay attention, find balance and to seek the treatment for regeneration.  We use the stress formula for any emotional, physical and or mental pain.  This formula helps to support the adrenals, activates T cells which build antibodies, immunity, assist more production of oxytocin the love and pain hormone. The stress remedy takes no digestion it is assimilated directly via silva in the mouth, into the top of the roof of mouth to brain, even before it enters the stomach. The stress formula helps to increase circulation to stimulate the hypothalamus and pineal glands.  When the circulation increase's to the glands then the dopamine is released from pituitary gland in the front of the brain to help us to think more clearly and work to find a solution to bring back balance. Have a Fabulous Day everyone!
NT3 1/4 tsp helps to circulate T Cells throughout the lymph to all lymph glands and nodes. 
PTC8 1/2 tsp helps to calm the nerves, assist digestion and activates GABA in the brain eg slow the brain down if we are under mental stress 
WW9 1/2-1 tsp helps with serotonin, dopamine and melatonin. Increase your well power. Helps to increase red blood cells. 
MT11 1/4tsp helps with fatigue, with all type of stress fatigue can occur as the body attacks the muscles to get protein for glucose. Glucose gives us energy. 
PI12 1/4 tsp helps to increase oxytocin the pain and love hormone. Inflammation on going depletes your reserves. Recovery is important to bring about balance 
TRQ14 1/2 tsp helps adrenals cortisol response. 
ALA 1/4 tsp helps with simple sugars to convert into glucose. Our diet when under stress changes needing more carbohydrate and sugar to give energy. This helps so the sugars, carbohydrates in the diet convert into glucose instead of storing fat and effect insulin. 
GLU 1/2 tsp Glutamine is stored in muscles. Stress can have an effect in losing muscle or retaining fluid. Glutamine helps with the brain, sugar craving, memory, absorption, concentration and moods. Helps to produce both red and white blood cells  
TAU 1/4 tsp is important for the hypothalamus. This glands regulates water balance, appetite, heart beat, body temperature, bio rhythm's and release of melatonin. 
ARG 1/4 tsp activates natural HGH human growth hormone.  Can increase you stem cells in the bone marrow to produce T cells. Improves blood circulation, helps kidneys, improves immunity and hormone function. The kidneys sit under the adrenal glands. When cortisol is released for the body to respond to stress the kidneys can become inflamed. The kidneys are the filter of waste disposal. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Aloha Everyone,    

Here is a preconception program.   
CF1Lysine and ornithine  are important for the absorption of calcium and magnesium. They are essential nutrients for the bone marrow.
CF2 this formula helps with your natural progesterone.  20ml to fall pregnant and then in the first 12 weeks the progesterone levels go up to 200ml
NT3  this helps the melatonin to be produce naturally
5a this helps with glutathione the most powerful antioxidant for the liver
CB7a with pregnancy the colon muscle can become slow so this help with the paralytic muscle in the colon
PTC8 relaxation is very important for conception
WW9 helps with circulation, dopamine and serotonin. 
ATP10 activates creatine that is stored in the bone marrow, reproductive glands and brain
MT11  this formula helps keep your immunity strong and helps the metabolism of cholesterol.  This is important for hormone production
PI12  tsp helps to produce oxytocin.  Oxytocin is released to assist the body going through the birthing eg, pain and love hormone 
TRQ14  supports adrenal and thyroid. In pregnancy it is important to reserve your adrenals.  The amount of adrenal we have helps to push the baby out. Thyroid, pituitary, adrenals and ovaries work together. 
FB15 helps breast milk, uterus and relaxation of the reproductive area.  Assist the balance of oestrogen, progesterone, pregnenolone and dhea
BIOS17  vitamin c and bioflavonoids are important for oxygenation.
ALG19 folic acid and B12 are best absorbed through the silva in the mouth
ALA helps blood sugars, sugar cravings and is one amino acid the adrenals made up of. 
ARG nitric oxide is important dilator.  Assist the blood circulation into the reproductive area, brain, heart, lungs and throughout the body.
TAU 75% of mothers breast milk is made up of taurine.
GLU This is all the linings in our body, lungs, intestine, bladder and concentrates in our muscle.
Remember one of the most important muscles in the female body is the uterus. 

When you find out you are pregnant then you stop the ARG and WW9.  You produce an incredible amount of growth hormone through the pregnancy.  ARG helps to produce growth hormone so you don't need it.  Their is no harm in taking it and you don't know your pregnant.  WW9 has the guarana in it.  We suggest to remove it from your program.
Iron is also important for conception.  Vitamin D from the sun as important.  If you can get your chest exposed even better.

Mahalo Healthy Living Lifestyle Team

Saturday, 4 January 2014

FLIGHT PROGRAM Recovery tips.....

Wear a wool hat and wool scarf.  The pituitary and thyroid will get the most radiation and this helps to protect the glands.  Wool is an insulator, and the lanolin protects you from dehydration.  

Charcoal is also important to absorb carbon dioxide from the flight.  There is less oxygen when you are up in flight.  Flight fit ear plugs to wear when you take off and put them back in on the descendant.  The decompression of taking off and coming down the ear plugs help the pressure in the cranial bones and synod bones.

When you are up and levelled off every 3 hours when you are awake use coconut oil and aloe vera mix rub into your face and throat.  Aloe Vera helps reduce the inflammation and burning from being closer to the sun.  Coconut oil helps re hydration and protects against radiation.

Nasal spray Fess.  I can send to you fess sea salt and water.  Do it before you take off and every 3 hours when you are awake.  The most important thing about the nasal spray is you do not swallow the mucous.  Blow nose and spit the mucous out don't swallow it after you have sprayed 3 sprays in each nostril.  The re cycle air on the flight can be circulating  a virus, fungus, mold or bacteria that people on the flight can be carrying.

There are 2 different combination of formula's that I alternate every 2 hours.  

FIRST DRINK (teaspoon measures)
NT3  1/4
PTC8 1/2
WW9 1/2
MT11 1/4
PI12 1/4
TRQ14 1/2
ARG 1/2
ALA 1/2
TAU 1/4
charcoal  1-2 capsules

CF1 1/8 
CF2 1/8 
BIOA17 1/2 tsp
ATP10 1/4
ORN 1/8
LYS 1/8

Once off the flight and checked into to where you are staying.  I use french green clay in a bath. Then make a facial and put that onto my face, throat and chest.  Clay helps to draw the radiation out from the flight,  draw calcium into the skin and reduces  inflammation.  Ice pack onto the back of the neck while in the bath with the clay bath.  After bath, shower cold onto the back. If you feel heat in head, back arms or legs we suggest sit onto an ice pack. These are things that athletes will do after a game or hard training session.  Flying is like an athlete building up lactic acid, uric acid and inflammation.
Lastly everyday before midday when you are in the new destination, close your eyes and look to the sun for 2 minutes.  This helps to re adjust to the new time zone.  The pituitary gland is stimulate via light.  Closing the eyes, looking to the sun helps the body clock to a line with the biorhythms. 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Umbilicus is the Centre of the body

The umbilicus is the centre of the body anteriorly. It receives messages from all that we take in. When our body, mind and emotions are in balance we can easily filter and release these thoughts, actions and emotions and not claim them as our own. How much we are effected by others depends on how strong our internal gravity is in relation to the external gravity in the universe. Our energy needs to be more - than out - for healing..... Emotions divert our internal energy and scatter us.....
Detail can be a curse at times..... When we see life as a whole picture we can feel more at ease. Our centre line is very important - The Fire energy moves from the inside of the upper eye socket ridge to the 1st joint of the second toe on each foot. It crosses over at the umbilicus. It's neutral point is the 1st joint of the second finger of each hand. The left toe and finger of the second joint reflex the duodenum. The right toe and finger of the second joint reflex the gallbladder and gall duct..... These areas are points of subconscious emotion that need to be released so the energy can flow from the top of the head to the feet and back up again. The feet are the most negative pole and energy blocks appear as stiffness, soreness or crystals. Massage the 1st joint of both toes- when pain is felt hold until you feel energy moving through then go deeper.....